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Thompson: The Purr-ima Donna
Randall Thompson Choral Music of Randall Thompson

Blessed Be the Lord God - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied or with strings doubling voices / "Good things can still be written in C major, as one great 20th-century composer said, and this is a good example." —Cross Accent (Lutheran Church Music Journal), / "...Thompson creates intriguing little duets, antiphonal effects, and some interesting syncopations among the various voicings. This piece would be equally effective performed by either large or small choirs..." —Choral Journal / 1:30 / 392-03021

Felices ter (Thrice Happy They) - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied / The work of the Roman poet, Horace, and the Dean of American Choral Composers, Randall Thompson, are joined together in this tender ode to unbroken love. Contains the original classical Latin as well as Thompson's own English translation. / "Fertile counterpoint and rich harmonies dominate this setting of the text. The work is a welcome addition to the Thompson catalogue and perfect for introducing singers to Italian diction. Medium difficulty." —The Choral Room (Spectrum Music) / 2:30 / 392-03020
LISTEN: YouTube performance by Harvard University Choir
Historical Information about "Felices ter" (Thrice Happy They)

Four Easy Songs: My Master Hath a Garden
View Sample Pages
SATB, Piano / One of Thompson's most popular songs from 1927. The classic text, with its musical description of paradise, is equally appropriate for use in churches or schools. / "The music is simple yet immediately attractive." —The Diapason / 1:45 / 392-03037 BUY

Four Easy Songs: Some One - View Sample Pages
SATB, Piano / Who is this mysterious visitor who comes knocking in the forest’s pale moonlight? / 1:15 / 392-03038

Four Easy Songs: The Echo Child - View Sample Pages
SATB, Piano / Thompson's setting of this charming poem by nine-year-old Mary-Ely Baker wonderfully captures the image of a canoe gently gliding among the lilies. / 1:45 / 392-03036

Four Easy Songs: Velvet Shoes - View Sample Pages
SATB, Piano / In this, Thompson’s most popular song, the composer beautifully recreates the magical sound of footsteps in the snow. / 3:00 / 392-03039

Glory to God in the Highest - A BEST SELLER - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied / "This is a rousing setting (in English) which Thompson composed in 1958. ...a welcome setting of moderate difficulty. A brief middle section ('And on earth peace') contrasts with the brighter opening and closing. A good addition for the season." —The American Organist / 1:45 / 392-03014

Good Tidings to the Meek - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied or with Strings doubling voices / Thompson pays tribute to Handel with this gentle pastorale using words from Isaiah and Habakkuk. / "Warm harmonies, voice crossings, and a simple, clear approach to the text are in evidence." —The Diapason / 2:30 / 392-03012

O Let the Nations Be Glad - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied or with strings doubling the voices / Joyous fugal setting of Psalm 67, verse 4 / 2:00 / 392-03006

The Purr-ima Donna - A BEST SELLER
Unison Voices, Piano / Humorous song about the very vocal artistry of the house cat. Works purr-fectly as a companion to "Two Childhood Songs" described below / 2:15 / 392-03081

Return Unto Thy Rest - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied or with strings doubling the voices / Short homophonic setting of Psalm 116, v.7. Can be paired with Thompson's "Thou Hast Given Him." / 2:30 / 392-03009

Thou Hast Given Him - View Sample Pages
SATB (Bass divisi), Unaccompanied or with strings doubling voices / Tranquil setting of a text from Psalm 21. / "Thompson's music materials allow the voices to ring, and though they are relatively simple materials, his way of using them is often striking. Proving again that the most important ingredient is the mind of the maker." —The New York State School Music News / 2:30 / 392-03008

Thrice Happy They see "Felices ter" above

Two Childhood Songs - A BEST SELLER - View Sample Pages
Unison or Two-Part, Piano / " American choral music...Both songs deserve perusal and should be within the reach of a strong 4th grade chorus." —The New York State School Music News / "That these songs are both singable and approachable goes without saying, given the composer. They are indeed small art songs, in the best sense of both words." —The New York State School Music News / 3:00 / 392-03011

Randall Thompson
Thompson: Four Easy Songa
Thompson: Glory to God in the Highest
Thompson: O Let the Nations Be Glad
Thompson: Thrice Happy They
Thompson: Two Childhood Songs


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