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Tom Lehrer Tom Lehrer

Music by America's favorite singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician. Included are songs from the PBS television show The Electric Company, as well as Lehrer's always-current "Pollution" that was featured on the popular television show That Was the Week That Was.

All four of these songs are published here with the words, melody line, piano accompaniment, and chord symbols. Choirs may divide lines among voice sections, semi-choruses, or soloists, or add occasional harmonies or musical instruments.

Pollution - View Sample Pages
Unison or multiple voices / A catchy tune in a lively calypso style, "Pollution" is deceptively cheerful until you pay attention to the lyrics, which address the damage done to America's environment. Watch a video of Lehrer performing this song on YouTube
Duration: 2:00 / No. 392-03089 BUY

Silent E - View Sample Pages
Unison or multiple voices / Originally featured on the children’s TV show The Electric Company, "Silent E" is a clever little song about the function of the letter “E” as a silent vowel. Watch "Silent E" on YouTube as featured on the television program The Electric Company:
Duration 1:30 / No. 392-03090 BUY

L-Y - View Sample Pages
Unison or multiple voices / L-Y demonstrates the use of the suffix “-ly” by illustrating situations where it would come in handy — tiptoeing QUIETLY as you pass a sleeping tiger, for example! Here’s a YouTube clip of "L-Y" as it was originally featured on The Electric Company:
Duration 2:15 / No. 392-03091 BUY

O-U (The Hound Song) - View Sample Pages
Unison or multiple voices / O-U makes use of the “ou” sound, demonstrating it through a quick narrative by a very well-behaved hound, who must remain quiet if he does not want to be taken to the pound! Watch O-U on YouTube as it originally appeared on The Electric Company:
Duration 1:15 / No. 392-03092 BUY

Tom Lehrer: Pollution
Tom Lehrer: Silent E
Tom Lehrer: L-Y
Tom Lehrer: O-U


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