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Revels Choral Series

The Revels Choral Series is a collection of arrangements based on performances and recordings by Revels, Inc. The popular annual celebrations known as Christmas Revels and Spring Revels, now in their 38th season in ten cities across the U.S., combine traditional and composed music, folk dance, folk plays and poetry, performed by choruses of children and adults, instrumentalists, dancers and guest artists from around the world. These exciting celebratory productions bring audiences of all ages back year after year. Along with the many recordings on the Revels Records label, these shows have generated much interest in the Revels' choral arrangements, which are now available through Thorpe for the first time. Each one of the Revels Choral Series octavos is edited to reflect the recorded version.

NEW 2013
George Emlen - Hymn for a New Land
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Anthem for Children's Voices, SATB Chorus. Soprano Recorder, Violin, Accordion and Double Bass, with Optional Brass and Timpani / Written for a Revels spring production celebrating the arrival of the many new immigrants in the United States / Text from Psalm 118 / 2:30 / 392-030100 / $1.75

Strike Up Your Instruments of Joy
SATB, Brass and Percussion / With Handelian grandeur and a universal text, this uplifting processional is suitable for any day of celebration. / "A joyous festival anthem calling for all to play their instruments in celebration...certainly establishes a festive aura..." —The Choral Room (Spectrum Music) / 2:30 / 392-03032 @ $1.50

Aro Que Nostre Seigne Es Nat (Now That Our Lord Is Born)
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Two-part Voices (any combination), Wind Instruments / This traditional Christmas song from Provence is a true carol—a word that came into English from the French carôle, meaning a piece sung while dancing. With its strong rhythmic pulse, this lively carol may be performed by any combination of two-part voices (including mixed voices) with wind instruments / 2:15 / 392-03050 @ $1.00

Bheir Mi O (Sad I Am Without You)
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SATB, Solo Voice, Harp or Piano / This traditional Scottish folksong, from the Isle of Eriskay in the Hebrides, has a vocal solo in the florid sean nós style. Arranged by George Emlen. / 3:15 / 392-03062 @ $1.15

Fare You Well, Mary Ann
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SATB, Solo B, Violin, Accordion, Guitar, and Double Bass / Traditional Canadian folksong passed down by a former trapper with the old Hudson Bay Company. Arranged by George Emlen / 2:15 / 392-03056 @ $1.25

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
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SATB, Solo Baritone, Brass & Handbells / The familiar melody, introduced by a lone street singer, is then taken up by a procession of singers and instruments, ending in full-hearted celebration. Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 2:30 / 392-03052 @ $1.60

Gower Wassail
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SATB, Brass (or Early Instruments), Bells, and Synthesizer / A cheerful tune, from the Gower Peninsula in Wales, in an arrangement with an appealing medieval flavor. / "Another winner..." —The Choral Room (Spectrum Music) / 2:30 / 392-03034 @$1.70

Going Down the Valley
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SATB with Solo Voice and Double Bass / Based on an old Mennonite hymn, this is a striking and unusual march into springtime, with only a plucked double bass for accompaniment. / "It has a delightful text by Susan Cooper that fits very well for springtime. It is simple and charming." —The American Organist / Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 2:45 / 392-03029 @ $1.10

I Will Bow and Be Simple
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SATB, optional violin, flute, guitar, double bass, and keyboard / This 1847 "gift song" from the Shaker community in New Lebanon, New Hampshire, has a humble elegance and an immediate appeal. It adapts well to simple choreography and is appropriate for use in public schools as well as for community or church choirs. / Arranged by Marlene Montgomery / 2:30 / 392-03030 @ $1.50

Le Semeur (The Sower)
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SATB Solo Voice, String Quartet and Harp or Guitar / The Bretons—Celtic people who settled in what is now northwesten France—sang this lilting song as they planted their early spring crops. Arranged by George Emlen / 3:00 / 392-03060 @ $1.15

L'Homme Armé (The Armed Man)
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SSATBB and Early Instruments or Winds / Many of the great Renaissance composers used this old French tune of mysterious origin as the melody for more than 30 extended works. Striking arrangement by Jerome Epstein / 3:15 / 392-03061 @ $1.25

Maoz Tsur
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SATB or Unison, Brass and Timpani / "Here is an easy, yet exciting Chanukah work that would be of particular interest to school choirs wanting to represent the Jewish tradition of the season. Both Hebrew and English versions are provided... The text, 'Rock of Ages,' is one of the best-known hymns for Chanukah. Highly recommended." —The Diapason / Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 3:45 / 392-03033 @ $1.25

The May Day Carol
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SATB & Trebles, Concertina and Cello / This springtime song has long been part of the English tradition of distributing floral gifts on May first. Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 2:30 / 392-03055 @ $1.15

Miri It Is (Merry It Is)
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SSA, Unaccompanied or with Optional Instruments / Medieval melody from 1225 with a text welcoming springtime. The optional instruments double the voices. Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 1:00 / 392-03057 @ $1.00

My Lord, What a Morning!
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SSA with Oboe, Two Trombones (or French Horn and Trombone) / A familiar and stirring African-American spiritual in an attractive arrangement by Marshall Barron / 2:45 / 392-03076 @ $1.15

One Man Shall Mow My Meadow
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SATB with 2 solo voices, treble recorder, cello, bass, and piano / A new version of the delightful English cumulative song, "One Man Went to Mow," this lilting tune is one which is not easily forgotten. The instrumental parts, which can be played by students, add to its enchantment. / Arranged by George Emlen / 2:30 / 392-03031 @ $1.50

Poslan Jest Od Boha Andel
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(Sent Down by God is an Angel)
SATTB, Unaccompanied / An exquisite sixteenth-century motet from the Benesov Songbook of Bratislava, Czechoslovakia / 1:15 / 392-03051 @ $1.00

Unto Us a Boy is Born
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SA with Handbells, Sopranino Recorder, Trumpet, and Two Trombones / A splendid arrangement by Marshall Barron of the 15th-century hymn "Puer nobis nascitur" from the important European collection Piae Cantiones, published in Finland in 1582. (English) / 2:00 / 392-03078 @ $1.40

What Shall I Give to the Child?
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SA with Recorder, Drum or Tambourine, and Piano (or String Instruments) / A traditional dance noël, with a theme of bringing gifts of food to the Christ child, from Catalonia on the Spanish-French border. A graceful, dance-like arrangement by Marshall Barron, has a / 1:45 / 392-03077 @ $1.15

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