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Music for Choir & Strings

DARKE, Harold
In the Bleak Midwinter
SATB, Solo S&T, Keyboard or Strings / "Gorgeous; a Christmas must." —Cross Accent (Lutheran Church Music Journal). / "simple, elegant, and most memorable." —The American Organist / "There is a serene quality to this setting of the famous Rossetti text...Sweet and calming music." —The Diapason / 3:05 / 392-03016 @ $1.15

FAURE, Gabriel
In paradisum from Requiem, Op. 48
- Special New Edition
SATB & Piano, or Organ, or Harp, Strings & Organ
Latin & English, plus a word-by-word English translation
Approximate duration: 4:00
Choral octavo 392-03083 @ $1.90

Cherubic Hymn
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(Kheruvimskaya pyesn')
SATB, Solo T, Strings, Optional Organ / Excerpt from the 1917 Liturgy of St. John of Chrysostom (Russian & English) / 4:00 / 392-03058 @ $1.30

HANDEL, George F.
O Love Divine - View Sample Pages - Recitative
SATB, 2 Oboes (optional), Strings & Continuo / This profoundly moving and serenely melodic final chorus from the oratorio Theodora is unlike the rousing finales that we hear in many of Handel's oratorios. / 3:00 / 392-03098 @ $1.75 / Score & Parts available for purchase.
Special Transposed Keyboard Reduction
LISTEN:  YouTube Performance

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus
Ave verum Corpus, KV 618 - Special New Edition
SATB, Strings & Organ (or Keyboad) / New historical edition based on Mozart's original manuscript in Vienna. Edition contains extensive notes and illustrations to enhance singers' understanding and appreciation of this classic masterpiece. (Latin & English) / 2:30 / Choral Score 392-03082 @ $1.60 / Set of Instrumental Parts 392-03082A @ $15.00

In the Ending of the Year
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SATB, Flute, Oboe, and Strings, or Organ / "Here is a sweet carol...not difficult...with a flowing, beautiful melody. After all the bustle of Christmas Day this makes a serene, thoughtful contrast for the last days of the year." —The American Organist / "...the best is 'In the Ending of the Year' by Peter Niedmann" —American Record Guide / 4:15 / 392-03026 @ $1.30

Lullee, Lullay
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SATB with Organ or Strings & Harp / "This is what every Christmas concert or carol service needs more of: a 'lullaby' combining a poignant and elegant text with music that is thoughtful, well wrought, and appealing. Possibly evocative of some of Rutter's settings...well within the ability of nearly every choir. Highly recommended." —The American Organist / 2:30 / 392-03035 @ $1.90

Sing of a Girl - LISTEN TO AUDIO - View Sample Pages
SATB & Organ or Strings with Optional Flute and Clarinet / This appealing new carol was written for Harvard University's Memorial Church 104th Christmas Carol Services: "A truly beautiful carol - it was a real pleasure to perform it." Poetry is by Damian Lundy, a brother of the Roman Catholic De La Salle Order in Great Britain, who is best known for his popular hymn "Walk in the light." / 4:30 / 392-03102 / $2.25

For Mixed Voices
with Optional Strings and/or Organ
"There is a real sense of drama in this setting...reminiscent of the Passion motets of Poulenc. These four expressive settings are published separately...Highly recommended." —The Diapason

Passion Music: 1. In Monte Oliveti - View Sample Pages
(Atop the Mount of Olives)
SATB, Unaccompanied, or with optional organ and/or strings (Latin & English) / 1:30 / 392-03040 @ $1.30

Passion Music: 2. Tristis est anima mea - View Sample Pages
(Sorrow is breaking my heart)
SATB, Unaccompanied, or with optional organ and/or strings (Latin & English) / 3:45 / 392-03041@ $1.50

Passion Music: 3. O vos omnes - View Sample Pages
(O all you who pass along the highway)
SATB, Unaccompanied, or with optional organ and/or strings (Latin & English) / 1:15 / 392-03042 @ $1.30

Passion Music: 4. Vinea mea electa - View Sample Pages
(O my beloved vineyard)
SATB, Unaccompanied, or with optional organ and/or strings (Latin & English) / 2:15 / 392-03043 @ $1.50

Going Down the Valley
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SATB with Solo Voice and Double Bass / Based on an old Mennonite hymn, this is a striking and unusual march into springtime, with only a plucked double bass for accompaniment. / "It has a delightful text by Susan Cooper that fits very well for springtime. It is simple and charming." —The American Organist / Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 2:45 / 392-03029 @ $1.10

Le Semeur
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(The Sower)
SATB Solo Voice, String Quartet and Harp or Guitar / The Bretons—Celtic people who settled in what is now northwesten France—sang this lilting song as they planted their early spring crops. Arranged by George Emlem / 3:00 / 392-03060 @ $1.15

What Shall I Give to the Child?
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SA with Recorder, Drum and Piano (or String Instruments) / A graceful dance noël from the Catalan region of the French-Spanish border, arranged by Marshall Barron / 1:45 / 392-03077 @ $1.15

Blessed Be the Lord God
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SATB, Unaccompanied or with strings doubling voices / "Good things can still be written in C major, as one great 20th-century composer said, and this is a good example." —Cross Accent (Lutheran Church Music Journal), / "...Thompson creates intriguing little duets, antiphonal effects, and some interesting syncopations among the various voicings. This piece would be equally effective performed by either large or small choirs..." —Choral Journal / 1:30 / 392-03021 @ $1.00

Good Tidings to the Meek
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SATB, Unaccompanied or with Strings doubling voices / Thompson pays tribute to Handel with this gentle pastorale using words from Isaiah and Habakkuk. / "Warm harmonies, voice crossings, and a simple, clear approach to the text are in evidence." —The Diapason / 2:30 / 392-03012 @ $1.25

O Let the Nations Be Glad
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SATB, Unaccompanied or with strings doubling the voices / Joyous fugal setting of Psalm 67, verse 4 / 2:00 / 392-03006 @ $1.75

Return Unto Thy Rest
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SATB, Unaccompanied or with strings doubling the voices / Short homophonic setting of Psalm 116, v.7. Can be paired with Thompson's "Thou Hast Given Him." / 2:30 / 392-03009 @ $.90

Thou Hast Given Him
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SATB (Bass divisi), Unaccompanied or with strings doubling voices / Tranquil setting of a text from Psalm 21. / "Thompson's music materials allow the voices to ring, and though they are relatively simple materials, his way of using them is often striking. Proving again that the most important ingredient is the mind of the maker." —The New York State School Music News / 2:30 / 392-03008 @ $.90

Darke: I(n the Bleak Midwinter
Fauré: In paradisum
Grechaninov: Cherubic Hymn
Mozart: Ave verum Corpus
Niednman: In the Ending of the Year
Thompson: O Let the Nations


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