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 Christmas Music for Choirs
Choral Music for Christmas

CLOUGH-LEIGHTER, Henry (1874-1956)
Thy Light Is Come
SATB & Organ / Anthem for Christmas or Epiphany / 4:30 / No. 392-03109 Read More / BUY

DARKE, Harold
In the Bleak Midwinter - A BEST SELLER
SATB, Solo S&T, Keyboard or Strings / "Gorgeous; a Christmas must." —Cross Accent (Lutheran Church Music Journal). / "simple, elegant, and most memorable." —The American Organist / "There is a serene quality to this setting of the famous Rossetti text...Sweet and calming music." —The Diapason / 3:05 / No. 392-03016 BUY

The Brown Birds - View Sample Pages / Notes on "Carol of the Field Mice"
SATB, Unaccompanied / A short and touching carol with poignant words by the much loved English poet Eleanor Farjeon, (1881-1965), that underscore the disparity between "the haves" and "the have nots" / 1:15 / No. 392-03094

Carol of the Field Mice - View Sample Pages
SA or SATB Piano / One of our most popular publications. An absolutely charming setting of a delightful poem from the children's classic The Wind in the Willows / 1:30 / SA Voices No. 392-03064 BUY SA Version or SATB Voices No. 392-03087 BUY SATB Version /

Chesterton's Carol - View Sample Pages
SATB, Brass Quintet & Timpani, or Keyboard / A reflection on the Virgin and Child with a powerfully stirring melody in F minor. Poetry by Gilbert Chesterton. / 2:15 / No.392-03070 BUY

A Christmas Lullaby - SA or Two-part - A BEST SELLER
View Sample Pages
SA, piano - A beautiful new setting of another classy Christmas poem by the popular British poet Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965). /
"To words by the British poet Eleanor Farjeon, Holmes has woven together a lovely melody, harmonization, and accompaniment. This would be especially effective with a children's choir, but adults could do it just as well - even two treble singers. A really beautiful Christmas composition." -The American Organist, July 2009 / 2:00 / No. 392-03086 BUY

I Saw a Fair Maiden - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied / This is a truly elegant setting of the familiar fifteenth-century English text. Winner of the 1995 Amadeus Carol Competition. Excellent concert or service music. / 3:45 / No. 392-03053 BUY

The Shepherd and the King - View Sample Pages
SATB, Harp / It comes as no surprise that this uplifting carol won the 2000 Welcome Christmas! carol composition contest. Text by Eleanor Farjeon. / 3:00 / No. 392-03072 BUY

Kings Came Riding - SATB
View Sample Pages -
SATB & Oboe (or Clarinet or Alto Saxophone) / A handsome carol with words by the distinguished and much-admired English poet and author Charles Williams (1886-1945). The haunting sound of the solo wind instrument with the otherwise unaccompanied voices is very arresting. / 4:75 / No. 392-03095

Tyrley, Tyrlow - View Sample Pages
SATB, Brass Quintet & Timpani, or Keyboard / This is a real toe tapper that captures the medieval dance origins of its text. / 3:30 / No. 392-03071 BUY

Advent Carol - LISTEN TO AUDIO - View Sample Pages
SATB, Organ / Both the music and the text of this new carol were written to expand the repertoire for Advent Lessons and Carols services. The poetry, based on the sixth chapter of Isaiah, was written by Sandra Niles. / 4:00 / No. 392-03049

In the Ending of the Year - View Sample Pages
SATB, Flute, Oboe, and Strings, or Organ / "Here is a sweet carol...not difficult...with a flowing, beautiful melody. After all the bustle of Christmas Day this makes a serene, thoughtful contrast for the last days of the year." —The American Organist / "...the best is 'In the Ending of the Year' by Peter Niedmann" —American Record Guide / 4:15 / No. 392-03026 BUY

Joy to the World - View Sample Pages
SATB, Orchestra or Organ / This jubilant arrangement of the classic Christmas carol will inspire listeners with the joy of the season. / Orchestra: 2 fl, 2 ob, Eng hrn, 2 clar, bass clar, 2 bsn, 4 hrn, 3 trpt, 3 tbn, tba, timpi, perc (2 players), hrp, strngs / 2:00 / No. 392-03045 BUY

Lullee, Lullay - View Sample Pages
SATB, Organ / "This is what every Christmas concert or carol service needs more of: a 'lullaby' combining a poignant and elegant text with music that is thoughtful, well wrought, and appealing. Possibly evocative of some of Rutter's settings...well within the ability of nearly every choir. Highly recommended." —The American Organist / 2:30 / No. 392-03035 BUY

Sing of a Girl - LISTEN TO AUDIO - YouTube performance - View Sample Pages
SATB & Organ or Strings with Optional Flute and Clarinet / This appealing new carol was written for Harvard University's Memorial Church 104th Christmas Carol Services: "A truly beautiful carol - it was a real pleasure to perform it." Poetry is by Damian Lundy, a brother of the Roman Catholic De La Salle Order in Great Britain, who is best known for his popular hymn "Walk in the light." / 4:30 / No. 392-03102

The Guiding Star - View Sample Pages
(Cantata for Christmastide)

SATB, Solo T, Organ and Optional Brass Quartet / "Looking for a special Epiphany production? This may be it. This splendid piece is a real workout, but as always with Pinkham, worth the effort. It is in five movements, and helpful program notes are included" —Cross Accent (Lutheran Church Music Journal) / Brass: 2 trpts (C or B-flat), 2 tbns (or hrn and tbn) / 12:00 / No. 392-03027 BUY

Hymn from The Guiding Star - View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied or Keyboard / An excerpt from the cantata described immediately above, the unaccompanied Hymn has a text by the 18th-century English poet Christopher Smart. / 1:30 / No. 392-03059 BUY

Three Introits for Christmastide - View Sample Pages
SA or TB, Unaccompanied / (1. A Light Shall Shine, 2. While All Things Were in Quiet Silence, 3. A Child is Born to Us) / "...wonderful introductions to a concert, as preludes for worship, or as service Introits. Not difficult. ...very effective, as would be expected from this wonderful composer. Each of them has a special quality that is timeless and yet timely." —The American Organist. / 2:30 / No. 392-03018 BUY

Glory to God in the Highest - - A BEST SELLER View Sample Pages
SATB, Unaccompanied / "This is a rousing setting (in English) which Thompson composed in 1958. ...a welcome setting of moderate difficulty. A brief middle section ('And on earth peace') contrasts with the brighter opening and closing. A good addition for the season." —The American Organist / 1:45 / No. 392-03014 BUY

Fantasia on Christmas Carols - A BEST SELLER
SATB, Solo Baritone, Piano, or Organ & Strings, or Orchestra / “Here is another Christmas classic which dates from 1912. It is a suite of four carols connected together (8½ minutes in duration) that has a lovely medieval feeling. The baritone solo is very prominent and the chorus weaves a beautiful tapestry of sound around the solo. Classic Vaughan Williams, not difficult...” —The American Organist / Orchestra: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, bells (ad lib.), percussion, organ and strings / 8:30 / No. 392-03015 BUY Choral Part / No. 392-03015A BUY Orchestra Parts

Wassail Song of Gloucestershire - A BEST SELLER
SATB, Unaccompanied / In Merry Olde England the Christmastide wassail bowl has represented friendship, good health, and happiness for more than eight hundred years. Here Vaughan Williams is at his best, capturing the spirit of the season in this joyful, fun-filled setting of the famous tune from his native Gloucestershire. / 3:00 / No. 392-03017 BUY

Aro Que Nostre Seigne Es Nat - View Sample Pages
(Now That Our Lord Is Born)
Two-part Voices (any combination), Wind Instruments / This traditional Christmas song from Provence is a true carol—a word that came into English from the French carôle, meaning a piece sung while dancing. With its strong rhythmic pulse, this lively carol may be performed by any combination of two-part voices (including mixed voices) with wind instruments / 2:15 / No. 392-03050 BUY

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen - View Sample Pages
SATB, Solo Baritone, Brass & Handbells / The familiar melody, introduced by a lone street singer, is then taken up by a procession of singers and instruments, ending in full-hearted celebration. Arranged by Jerome Epstein / 2:30 / No. 392-03052 BUY

Gower Wassail - View Sample Pages
SATB, Brass (or Early Instruments), Bells, and Synthesizer / A cheerful tune, from the Gower Peninsula in Wales, in an arrangement with an appealing medieval flavor. / "Another winner..." —The Choral Room (Spectrum Music) / 2:30 / No. 392-03034 BUY

My Lord, What a Morning! - View Sample Pages
SSA with Oboe, Two Trombones (or French Horn and Trombone) / A much-loved spiritual in a fresh new arrangement by Marshall Barron / 2:45 / No. 392-03076 BUY

Poslan Jest Od Boha Andel - View Sample Pages
(Sent Down by God is an Angel)
SATTB, Unaccompanied / An exquisite sixteenth-century motet from the Benesov Songbook of Bratislava, Czechoslovakia / 1:15 / No. 392-03051 BUY

Strike Up Your Instruments of Joy - View Sample Pages
SATB, Brass and Percussion / With Handelian grandeur and a universal text, this uplifting processional is suitable for any day of celebration. / "A joyous festival anthem calling for all to play their instruments in celebration...certainly establishes a festive aura..." —The Choral Room (Spectrum Music) / 2:30 / No. 392-03032 BUY

Unto Us a Boy is Born - View Sample Pages
SA with Handbells, Sopranino Recorder, Trumpet, and Two Trombones / Fifteenth-century melody, "Puer nobis nascitur," arranged by Marshall Barron (English) / 2:00 / No. 392-03078 BUY

What Shall I Give to the Child? - View Sample Pages
SA with Recorder, Drum and Piano (or String Instruments) / A graceful dance noël from the Catalan region of the French-Spanish border, arranged by Marshall Barron / 1:45 / No. 392-03077 BUY

The Kings' Carol
SATB, Optional Alto & Baritone Soloists, and Organ /
John Henry Hopkins' familiar text "We three kings of Orient are" is presented here with a new melody and harmony that hint of a distant time and place. Verses 2 and 3 may be sung by either a semi-chorus or soloists. Commmissioned to celebrate the 20th season of the Old North Festival Chorus, Marblehead, Massachusetts / AUDIO:  The King's Carol / View Sample Pages / No.392-03101 / BUY


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